Heating Cables

Roof & Gutter De-Icing System

Our roof & gutter de-icing systems offer a better way to help prevent ice dams and icicles. With it’s self-regulating heating cable, the system provides a continuous drain path for melted ice & snow from the roof through the gutter & downspout. Versatile, reliable, energy-saving, & cost effective, these systems are the effective answer for roof & gutter de-icing applications.

Rooftop snow, melted in sunlight or from the building’s interior heat, trickles down to the cold roof edge and freezes again, forming icicles and ice dams – creating 4 potential hazards:

  • Interior Structural Damage
  • Exterior Damage to Gutters
  • Falling Icicles
  • Slippery Walkways

Our self-regulating heating cable system eliminates icicles and ice dams safely and efficiently. Our cables can be custom fitted to match the layout of any roof.

Installed on a roof or inside gutters and downspouts, our heating cable creates a drainage path for melting snow, adjusting its heat output as the ambient temperature fluctuates. When the gutter is dry, the system automatically cuts back its power output so it won’t ever overheat or burn out.

Heating Cables

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