Copper Gutters: Half Round & K-Style

Seamless gutters, installed by our skilled technicians, are custom-cut to precisely fit a building’s specifications. This meticulous process ensures a completely seamless outcome. Their streamlined design reduces the likelihood of leaks and clogs, while the sleek finish enhances the overall aesthetic appeal.

Seamless Copper “K” Style Gutters

K-style gutters stand out thanks to their unique shape, resembling a crown molding with a flat base and straight sides. This clever design allows them to scoop up more water compared to other gutters, all while being more compact. Bonus points for being easy to clean – no more struggling with debris stuck in hidden corners!

Made from versatile materials like aluminum or vinyl, these gutters come in an array of colors to perfectly complement your home’s exterior. So, say goodbye to overflowing gutters and hello to a clean, stylish look!

  • Made of 16 oz. seamless copper that will age to a nice green patina over time.
  • Copper gutters add unmatched, timeless beauty and value to any home.
  • Available in 5″ and 6″ sizes.
  • Soldered at all joints, downspout outlets and end caps provide a lifetime seal.
  • Installed with stainless steel Woodgrip™ screws and brass Hangtite™ hidden hangers.

Half Round 6″ Seamless Copper Gutters

Imagine a sleek horseshoe running along your roof – that’s the beauty of half-round gutters! Their smooth, curved walls add a touch of timeless style while cleverly taking up less space than other gutters. Plus, say goodbye to stagnant water woes – when installed right, these gutters keep things flowing smoothly.

  • A classic European appearance adds an elegant and classic look to any home.
  • Half round copper gutter systems available in 16 oz or “Estate” quality 20 oz configurations.
  • Installed with Hangtite™ hidden hangers, cast aluminum brackets optional.
  • 3″ round downspouts are available in corrugated or plain finish.
  • Features tensile strength and sleek design to withstand the pressure emanating from heavy gutter slow.

Copper Gutter Examples

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