Rain Gutter Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need rain gutters?

Yes. Rain gutters prevent water from destroying many components of your home.  Dripping rainwater can cause cracks in foundations & walkways.  These cracks lead to costly repairs.  The rainwater rots all the lower wood components on your home.  This wet, rotting wood attracts termites & carpenter ants which need damp conditions to reproduce & thrive.  Rain gutters also protect entrances from becoming wet & slippery.

What are seamless gutters?

Seamless gutters are custom fitted, one-piece gutters manufactured at your home.  They are far superior than sectional plastic or aluminum gutters bought at home improvement stores.  Seamless gutters do not have in-line seams, which always fail.  Seamless gutters are made of aluminum, copper or steel that will last for years.

Do seamless gutters cause ice dams?

No, seamless gutters do not cause ice dams.  Lots of money has been spent trying to solve the ice dam problem.  All the current data indicates that ice dams are caused by heat loss & weather patterns.  Many homes without gutters encounter ice dam problems worse than homes with gutters.

Do seamless gutters help with wet basements?

Yes.  They direct all the rainwater from the roof away from your foundation reducing the amount of water that may collect around & penetrate the foundation.

How are seamless gutters supported?

Gutters are supported by two key components, the screw & hanger.  This combination makes up the most important component that insures the longevity of your gutter system.  Because they’re a blind item to the buyer most overlook its importance.   Most gutter companies use the cheapest screw & hanger they can find putting more profit in their pocket.  NEGK uses only the Raytec Hangtite Hidden Hanger & Wood Grip Screw, the strongest in the industry.  This combination is the secret to our warranty.  Any other combination is second best, accept nothing else!

Are my new rain gutters guaranteed?

We guarantee all aspects of our workmanship for 5 years and materials for 20 year (see manufactures warranty card for details).

Are you insured & registered?

Yes we carry full Workman’s Compensation & Liability insurance polices & are a licensed Home Improvement Contractor (registration number 130987).

Are you affiliated with any organizations?

Yes, we are.  We are also members of the North East Builders Association,  the American Association of Rain Carrying System Installation Specialist, & National Rain Gutter Contractors Association (two nationally recognized organization that set the standards for the rain gutter industry).

How do I maintain my seamless rain gutter system?

The only maintenance required is cleaning.  Rain gutters need to be properly cleaned & flushed regularly (twice per year for most homes).  This cleaning maintenance allows the rain gutters to flow properly without obstruction.  The only way to mitigate this maintenance is to cover the gutters.

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